OX_Classes development is a combination of a special data structure, a decision support and a knowledge system. The combination is called

“The Knowledge Base”

This is a development of a noSQL data handling and a special index based relation table.


Special Data Structure:

diagramIf using this OX_classes there can be build content, in that way the content are entities. Where the relations create structures who can stand for complex information needs. The relations are redirecting both sides from a parent to child to a child parent relation. All that action is transparent for the user of the OX_classes. The user queries build are translated to the oxSql instruction set, the user needs no effort to use this special relation handling.

Decision Support:

Our DSS (Decision Support System) can handle complex decision structures. In fact is it a standalone application who we have embedded in this project. It support the knowledge system to improve the quality of the given knowledge. The knowledge build is user driven. Afterwards the DSS will help the user to decide to choose the best solution which is given.

Knowledge System:

This system is built on top of the Knowledge Information System Server (KISS), who will respond on all your questions. Before that there has to build and evaluate content. The more content the better the system will answer questions. Also important is the review possibility for end users, they can give user ratings to evaluate solutions given. Depending on the chosen solution the user can give as much ratings he want.

The Knowledge System is an out of the box system, which will operate as soon it’s installed.

Before using by end users, the administrator has to do the initialisation. We have provided a complete package of examples, where you can search what kind of implementation you want.

Not released for commercial use yet!

We are looking for partners in co-development.

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